Build-A-Watch Workshop - One on One

$ 520.00 CAD

Date: Chouse your own

Time: 2.5 hours

Location: Either at NOVO HQ, your home, or somewhere convenient for you.


Information about the course:

For those of you who love watches and mechanics, this is a unique opportunity to dive into the fascinating world of watchmaking and build your own mechanical timepiece! This is NOT just putting the watch together, it’s assembling the movement as well! 

We’ll first review the history and function of the watch, then break out into our own individual workshop tables where each person will, step by step, assemble and regulate their own brand-new watch! Pretty awesome.

The watch you’ll receive and be assembling is a classic “Pilot Watch”, which was developed for fighter pilots during World War II. They were built to be worn over top of the pilot’s suit so are larger than most watches at 44.2 mm in diameter. The larger size make it the perfect movement to learn on.

By assembling your new watch, you’ll gain insight into the structure and mechanics of mechanical watches as well as knowledge of how to use the most common watchmaker’s tools. Once the course is over you’ll leave with your very own watch you assembled and new knowledge about how watches are made.


Teacher: Steve Christensen

The course is held by watchmaker Steve Christensen. He is the owner of NOVO watch where he hand crafts watches using reclaimed materials that tell a story. He has been featured on many prominent blogs, was a finalist in the FP Journe Watchmaking Contest, was featured on Canadian National news and is the official watchmaker for Canadian Pacific Railway. Today he lives in Lethbridge where he continues to build handmade watches has just started to give lectures and hold courses to share his passion for watches and watchmaking with others.


Covid-19 Information:

We’re currently only doing one-on-one classes and all tools and other equipment are disinfected before and after use.


Requirements to participate:

Age 12 years and up

Good mood



This course is an experience. The watches are very solid and usually run without any problems. However, as the student assembles and builds his/her first watch something may happen where the watch doesn’t keep exact time after the first week. That’s ok! It’s your first watch and we’ll make sure it runs smoothly if that happens. Errors that do not include breaking the winding spring are taken care of free of charge.


I really hope I see you at this Watchmaking Experience!

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