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We’ve been crafting some of the world’s most unique, award winning and storied timepieces since 2011. Since this watch is handmade and unique to you we can 100% guarantee your watch will be 1 of 1. If you have any questions about our work please reach out!

"It is said of the armed services that amateurs study tactics, whilst professionals study logistics. This truism highlights the fact that wars can only be won if the fighting services receive the supplies they need at the time that they need them. For many of the nations involved in the Second World War these supplies had to travel across the seas at least once, and often twice or more, before they reached their ultimate destination. These supplies were carried in the merchant ships of nearly all countries of the world, even those who were 'neutral' in the war.” - James Davies

On March 31, 1944, an important supply ship was launched and named after the American journalist who narrowly escaped capture at Corregidor - Melville Jacoby. The ship was built to transport important cargo during WW2 to support the efforts of freedom. Some of the cargo these ships were responsible for were boxed aircrafts, tanks, troops and even acted as hospital ships or repair ships as well. The Melville Jacoby was part of a heroic fleet charged with supporting the efforts we still benefit from today.

After the war was over and the Melville Jacoby completed her duties, she continued working in the commercial service world and had her name changed one final time to The SS Dominator. On March 13, 1961, Dominator was en route to Los Angeles from Vancouver with a cargo of wheat and beef, when she ran aground off Palos Verdes, California. For two days, the Coast Guard and tugboats attempted to rescue her, but heavy seas and high winds only forced her higher onto the rocks. After two days the crew abandoned ship. Over time the ship broke up under the pounding of the waves and large pieces of wreckage are still scattered over the shore.

74 years after the Dominator launched, we hiked to the wreckage where we recovered some remains of the ship. Now these historic pieces that represent the brave men and women who risked their lives during WW2 efforts live in each timepiece we craft allowing the appreciation and respect of their efforts to continue on wrists around the world.


Movement: An ETA 6498-1 with the option of standard, geneva stripe or hand-engraved finishing.

Edition: Limited Edition of 10, individual numbered pieces x/10.

Functions: Manually wound, 18,000 beats/hour, 46 hour power reserve, hours, minutes, sweeping second hand at the 5, incabloc shock protection.

Case: Stainless steel case with hand-engraved features, 42mm dial (not including crown), 9.6mm height

Caseback: Hand-engraved stainless steel secured by 4 stainless steel screws

Dial: Hand-engraved dial featuring a historical 75 year old piece of the SS Dominator at the 12 o’clock position.

Finishing: Hand-finished polish

Hands: Wire hour and minute hands

Front Crystal: Sapphire

Back Crystal: Sapphire

Water Resistance: 5ATM

Band: Black 20mm Hermann Oak leather. 18mm steel buckle. 115/75 mm

Packaging: Hand-made beautiful one-off packaging made from wood.

Warranty: 2 Year Warranty

Guarantee: We offer a one week compliment guarantee. If someone doesn’t love your watch within one week of wearing it…you’ve probably never left your house.

Build Time: Approx 4-6 weeks

Love Time: Approx forever



This has been our most intricate work to date and we couldn’t be more excited. From hiking to a remote area of California for pieces of a historic frontline WWII supply ship to hand-engraving the case, caseback, movement and dial, we were met with challenges at every turn. The result is a stunning one-of-a-kind timepiece that is influenced by an important piece of history: the SS Dominator. The waves on the dial, rope around the case and the piece of the ship secured at the 12 o’clock position all represent the efforts of brave men and women who risked their lives on ships during WWII. We’re excited to see these timepieces, carrying physical pieces of appreciation wrapped in world-class craftsmanship, adorn wrists around the world.


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