Why NOVO watch?

Most watches lack a soul so we hand craft ours using reclaimed pieces of history that inspire us today.

When you wear a NOVO you wear more than just a product; you connect to something greater than you.

Hand crafted. One by one. In Canada.

We carefully craft each piece individually and focus on the small stuff to make sure you're absolutely smitten by your first (or second) Novo.

Hand finished. By a human.

Machines are amazing and incredibly accurate, which is why we look to use them as little as possible. When we remove too much of the human element an equal amount of the product soul disappears as well. At Novo, beautifully imperfect = perfect.

You’re in good company

We’ve worked with Athletes, CEO’s and Corporations across the world. Here’s a few of them you may know:

A little more about us

Congrats if you’ve made it this far :)

Here’s some great video content we’ve made about our processes and my LOVE of what I do:

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