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We handmake watches using reclaimed material that tells a story. We love what we do and strive to find inspiration every day. 

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The Suffield - From Tank to Timepiece

This unique piece of 1968 history built to protect and save the lives of men and women travelled the globe in its endeavours. In the 80’s it began service with the oldest tank unit in the world- the 1st Royal Tank Regiment (1 RTR) of the British Army. It finally came to rest in Ralston, Alberta, Canada as part of the live fire training exercises conducted by the British Army Training Unit Suffield (BATUS). What was once a Fighting Vehicle (FV432) has been repurposed into the live edge dial of this timepiece to continue its heroic endeavours alongside you.

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“By far one of the most beautiful and timeless pieces I've done. The live edge pays homage to the amazing work military men and women do all over the world and the wire hands ensure the history doesn't disappear behind them!”

Steve Christensen - Lead Watchmaker at NOVO

The Coalbanks - From Train Track to Timepiece

These manually wound timepieces are made from train tracks manufactured between 1882 - 1885 and pried from the hillside of our hometown, Lethbridge, Alberta. The durable steel rail, manufactured by companies from Wales and elsewhere in the UK, became the backbone of the coal mining industry and was an integral piece of the Canadian Pacific Railway. They were instrumental in building our city and we're giving them new life as a watch.

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“The industrial feel of the timepiece meshes perfectly with the historic train track material we use for the watch”

Steve Christensen - Lead Watchmaker at NOVO

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