Who is NOVO?

NOVO is a small boutique manufacturer resurrecting historic pieces of material to make beautiful timepieces that tell a story. We are dedicated to preserving the human element in all stages of creation ensuring each and every product has a soul and keeps a physical relationship with the way we once did things; by hand. 

Hand sourced. Hand crafted. Hand engraved. Hand shaped. Hand finished. Hand painted. Hand made in Canada.

Hand sourced. From pieces of history.

Our goal isn't to only craft beautiful timepieces, it's to resurrect meaningful pieces of historic materials and infuse them along with their stories, into art for your wrist.

Hand crafted. One by one. In Canada.

WE WONT mass produce watches. WE WILL carefully craft each piece individually and focus on the small stuff to make sure you're absolutely smitten by your first (or second) Novo.

Hand-shaped cases

Our machine gives us the general shape of the watch, but magic only happens once we get our hands on it. The shape is always the same, but never the same :)

Hand-engraved movements

Our goal is to move you no matter what angle you look at your Novo Watch from. That's why each movement is hand engraved adding incredible beauty and individuality to each piece.

Hand-painted dials

Not only do the contrasted numbers make it easier to read, but they're painted completely by hand in our studio! Yes it's tedious but it's an added touch that, even though small, makes a big difference in the feel and appreciation for you our customer.

Hand finished. By a human.

Machines are amazing and incredibly accurate, which is why we look to use them as little as possible. When we remove too much of the human element an equal amount of the product soul disappears as well. At Novo, beautifully imperfect = perfect.

Hand-made essentials

We offer our customers the highest quality products and accessories made by us or trusted artisans in our area.

Hand-made family timepieces. Made for you from your material.

All our products use historic materials that tell a story. Send us any meaningful family material that you'd like to tell the story for generations and send it to us for your own custom timepiece.

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