Reclaimed Watch Warranty

Your NOVO watch timepiece comes with a (2) year warranty, a lifetime of awesome, and guaranteed compliments from the date you receive your timepiece. With a receipt the warranty will cover manufacturing defects. It does not cover case, strap or crystal damage, damage resulting from improper handling, lack of care, accidents, water exposure, unauthorized service, or swimming with sharks.

In order to best protect the movement from moisture please ensure that the crown is always fully closed and against the case after setting the time or adjusting its functions. If water accidentally sneaks inside the case or you notice traces of moisture please shoot us a message as soon as possible so we can service it. Each timepiece leaves the NOVO watch HQ fully water resistant, but water resistance is not a permanent characteristic and can be affected by the external environment and wear and tear. This is not a dive watch so no chasing dolphins.

Please insure the value of your NOVO and package it securely in a box when shipping it our way. Our warranty does not apply to items lost or damaged in transit so please use a reputable shipper that allows you to track your package and retain proof of mailing. Our warranty is void if the timepiece is not shipped to us safely within a box.

Our Hermann Oak straps require proper care and attention just like our timepieces. Exposure to moisture, skin care products, chemicals, heat and water, may accelerate the aging of your watch strap. 


Standard Watch Warranty

Every NOVO watch comes with a 2 year limited warranty. This means that all defects in the materials and workmanship are covered. If the materials aren't right or the watch is put together wrong then we will repair OR replace it. If you decide to return the product we expect proper packing and shipping of the item so we receive it without damage.

The warranty does not cover normal wear or tear, batteries, crystal, watch case, strap, loss or theft. Opening the back of the watch or adjusting the time under water will also void the warranty. The batteries can be replaced at any jeweller.

Your watch has a depth rating of 3 ATM or 5 ATM (Atmospheres) depending on the model. This means that your watch will easily withstand splashes, brief immersion in water, water fights and getting caught in the rain. It is not sufficient for diving or extended periods of swimming or bathing.

The watch also comes with a 1 week compliment guarantee. If you wear your new watch for 1 week consecutively and don't get a compliment then we have to assume you never left your room. Get out there and show it off!