Royal + Bright

The World's First Classy Watch For Kids.

Our designs combine the classic good looks of a simple fashion piece with the durability needed for an active child's wrist. The watch case is stainless steel and topped with sapphire glass to prevent scratches from, well, basically almost anything a kid touches. The band is premium leather, so comfortable and made to last. Our colour choices shy away from princess pink or super hero red while our band and face are completely and blissfully free of smiling, dancing, or flying characters of any sort. Instead we offer kids colours both they and their parents will like coupled with the opportunity to wear a timepiece that lets them look just like mommy or daddy. Gone are the days of anxiously watching your little ones try on your pricey wrist wear for fun. And our personal favorite; each minute on the face is marked from number 1 all the way through to 60 so no more frustration deciphering lines and dashes while learning to tell time! 


Big-human designs for small-human wrists.