When we originally set out to create the worlds most storied timepieces our vision was to infuse as much human element into the product as possible. To us, human creativity and even foible adds so much to the items we own. We source reclaimed materials from rail yards and military fields ourselves. Our blacksmith creates each face in his own fiery furnace. Our straps are hand cut and stitched. And we assemble each timepiece with our own two hands. We see the human element amid the gears and hands of a watch as essential. And the more of it the better. 

The next step in providing customized and unique watches to our customers, brimming with artistic aptitude, has arrived. We’ve added an element of humanity right into the movement. Our bridges are intricately inscribed by hand and tool, no two ever made the same. Now, front, side or back, our timepieces reflect the artistry that has long been linked with time keeping.