We are excited to introduce our newest collection; your meaningful mementos molded into custom timepieces. We can design and hand make a timepiece of your treasured items. It is a unique way to mold history, memories and pride into something used daily; a timepiece to sit on wrists for generations.

To highlight a project we’ve done in the past, we introduce the Campbell Family timepiece:



In the fall of 1963, Allister found himself on a train headed to northern Alberta for work. Little did he know, this was the beginning of a wonderful new chapter in his life. Seated across from his friends on the same train was a beautiful young lady named Fern. The friends insisted she meet Allister and when they met, as they say, the rest is history. They married in the spring of 1964 and had two daughters. After almost 50 years together they now have 2 grandchildren along with a lifetime full of memories. During these happy years, Allister captained a DC 6 bulldozer, and its very tracks were used to craft the dial of this timepiece. Looking at his watch, Allister is reminded of the work he was able and grateful to do to provide for his wife and sweet children. His family created added interest by requesting their family ranch brand be stamped into the dial and we did so using a vintage press. The collaboration was incredibly fun for us at Novo and a successful Father's Day present that will last for generations to come.



If you have a piece of material that has significant meaning we can turn it into a beautiful family heirloom. This time of year they make gorgeous Christmas gifts. 


  • Find something that represents a beautiful memory you want to make last. This could be a piece of metal, plastic, leather, wood or other material. Ex. golf club, tractor part, hard hat, baseball glove, parachute 
  • Reach out through email or phone to start the conversation
  • Design with us
  • Create for yourself or someone you love


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