If your love for watches has evolved from simple quartz to beautiful complicated mechanical watches we have a lot in common and I think you’ll be able to relate to this. 

For as long as I can remember I’ve been in love with watches. Starting with the early Timex Ironman featuring a velcro strap, through my hardcore Nixon phase, and now to the mechanical watch world, these phases represent different parts of my life. Each phase is represented by different standards of watchmaking, but they reveal a part of my life at the time.

The Timex phase was an expression of my playfulness and curiosity of the world - always needing something that would keep my interest such as a backlight, an alarm, a cool wild-coloured strap. The Nixon phase represented my adventurous years and relationship with action sports such as skateboarding and snowboarding. Cracking a snowboarder or skateboarder magazine to see greats such as JP Walker or Tony Hawk wearing their Nixons converted me to the brand many times over. The mechanical watch phase represents me today. The artistry involved in each brand and each piece speaks to me. The weight and materials exude a feeling of success or meaning. And of course the ticks. The ticks mesmerize me and sometimes, during stressful days, I find myself syncing my breath and focus on those small ticks. There’s something calming about  it. Watches speak to us in many different ways. But I think the most important thing they do for us is transport us to a moment. Whether it’s being in the moment now or taking us back to the moment we first purchased a timepiece, or were gifted a watch as a reward for handwork, or inherited an heirloom that our parents wore for so many years as a symbol of status or pride. Whatever the story, it’s something that unites humans everywhere and I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of it.