On August 31, 2018 we received an email:

“I live in Wales and am interested in the Blaenavon watch as my great- great-grandmother was a “coke hauler” at the iron works at the time the rail was manufactured! Could you please give me an idea of the cost of the watch including postage and any Canadian / UK taxes that I would have to pay…I live 6 miles from the iron works, the family has not travelled far in the last 135 years!”

137 years after the rail was manufactured and sent to Canada help facilitate the transport of coal and the building of our city, it has returned home...in the form of a watch. Even more interesting is that our watch may have been touched by the great-great-grandmother of its newest owner! Here’s some great shots from our customer who took the watch for a visit to its birthplace. 

Thank you for the shots, Byron!! We couldn't be more excited to have made you this timepiece!