NOVO Pen Type 01 - Brass

$ 150.00 CAD
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Introducing my first product made entirely in house from raw materials - the NOVO Pen 01. This isn’t made from any sort of kit, it’s made entirely of solid rod allowing me to cut, drill and finish from beginning to end. 

My goal with this product was to craft something using my lathe and my hands that gave future owners cause to stare at, use and show off the product. The industrial design is something I’m a huge fan of and the weight of the brash makes it a joy to carry and use. I’ve always disliked when the pen nib doesn’t fit tight and rattles so I‘ve eliminated that with a perfect fit. 

The symmetry of the product with small nibs on each side allows you to place the cap on the front while not using it and on the back while in use. I also hand-shaved a track right down the middle of the pen allowing it to sit flat and not roll around. Each Pen comes in a custom leather NOVO case.

These pens will be made in limited quantities as I have time to make them. Each run will likely be different and reflect the creative juices I’m feeling that week. Because these are done by hand please allow some variances with the final product you receive. I’m a huge fan of the character products possess when made by human hands and am sure you’ll love the character of these when you receive it. 

Pen Specs:

  • Material - Copper
  • Length - ~4.75 inches
  • Width - ~7.5 mm
  • Weight - ~35 grams
  • Cartridge - Fisher Space Pen (Black. Fine.)
  • Likelihood of becoming your favourite pen - Extremely high. 
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