Pen 01 - Copper Dowlais 1884 Edition

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Loaded with textures of hand craftedness and infused with history from 1884, this might just become your favourite pen. If you think it looks pretty, just wait until you hold it. The body is made from solid Copper rod and the cap is made from 1884 railroad track giving it some worthwhile weight. The track was pulled from the side of the hill in my hometown of Lethbridge and was also used to craft our first in-house piece: The Coalbanks - Dowlais 1884 Edition.

We’re huge fans of industrial design and this pen oozes just that. Raw metal throughout and the contrasting lid make it a truly beautiful piece that turns the pen into a piece of art you’ll want to show off whenever possible. Looks aren’t the only thing that will wow you, the writing will feel magical. Many pens have some wiggle room where the nib exits the pen but our perfect fit will avoid any rattle keeping your writing feeling smooth. The nibs on both sides of the pen give it symmetry and allow you to place the cap on the front while not using the pen or on the back when in use.

Because these are done by hand please allow some variances with the final product you receive. I’m a huge fan of the character products possess when made by human hands and am sure you’ll love the character of these when you receive it. 

Pen Specs:

  • Material - Copper
  • Length - ~4.75 inches
  • Width - ~7.5 mm
  • Weight - ~35 grams
  • Cartridge - Fisher Space Pen (Black. Fine.)
  • Likelihood of becoming your favourite pen - Extremely high. 
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