What currency are the prices in?

All prices are in CAD.


Where can I find NOVO watches?

You found us! Currently our new stock is only available on our online store.


What carrier do you use for shipping my watch?

We use UPS or Canada Post for all our shipments. 


What is the best way to contact you? 

Email or phone.




How do I deal with compliments?

This might be a bit stressful at times but it's part of the gig. We've found that a sincere, "Thanks, it's my new timepiece from NOVO," usually does the trick. But sometimes you'll have to admit to people that, yes, it does bring out the colour of your eyes.


How do I put my watch on?

Really? I guess we can let this one slide... If you're having trouble putting on your watch, pinch each side of the clasp to open 'er up, then just fold it back together after you slide it over your hand and onto your wrist. Our advanced market research has shown the wrist to be the ideal appendage to wear your watch. Let's maybe keep this step just between us, ok?


How do I take care of my NOVO watch?

The obvious do's and don'ts apply here. Try to keep it clean, use mild soap, water, and a soft cloth if it's filthy. Avoid using it as a hammer, bottle opener, and mud wrestling is pretty much (in most cases) off limits. Your NOVO watch is waterproof up to either 3 ATM or 5 ATM (depending on the model) which means there won't be a problem with water fights or snow up the sleeve, but we suggest leaving your watch behind while doing any shark hunting, wakeboarding or cliff jumping.