Crafting custom watches might its be one of the most fun jobs I could have ever imagined, It can also be one of the most stressful! When tasked with encapsulating a piece of family memorabilia that has incredible value there’s a lot of pressure to make sure we get it right the first time because if we don’t there’s no second try. 
It was the case we dealt with when approached by a customer to memorialize her fathers RCAF Pin in a custom timepiece. The idea and design was beautiful and the gift to her son was stunning. I asked her some questions:

Q: What gave you the idea to create a watch steeped in family history for your son?

A: When I saw your display at the Telus Art Market, I was very intrigued with what you do.  I immediately thought of my son and my dad’s memorabilia.

Q: What was it like seeing your vision come to reality?

A: Seeing the watch, created by Novo, was amazing!  Knowing that you and I sat together and talked through what would work and the respect you showed to my dad and my son was perfect.

Q: What was the emotion of seeing your creation opened by your son?

A: I couldn’t wait for Case to see the watch.  My dad adored my son.  They were very close when Case was little and spent lots of time together.  My dad suffered with Alzheimers for the last few years of his life.  He always enjoyed seeing his grandchildren and I know that he would be incredibly proud knowing that Case will be wearing his RCAF pin, redesigned as a watch.

Q: Did the craftsmanship do justice to your fathers story?

A: The watch is impeccable.  It is exactly as I envisioned it to be after meeting with Steve.

This watch has taken a part of my dad’s history and made it come back to life.  Dad was in the Royal Canadian Air Force during WWII.  He was a lead mechanic on the airplanes.  HIs pins were in a box in a drawer in my home.  Nobody looked at them.  No one thought of them.  Now, one of those pins will be worn by his grandson as a watch.  To  be admired; to start conversations; to keep my dad’s memory and his commitment to Canada during WWII alive.  It is an heirloom that will be passed onto the next generation complete with the story the Steve added to the Certificate of Authenticity.  

Novo Watches has taken a piece of my family’s history that was tucked away in a box and made it come to life for all of us and all of those who meet my son.  
I am blessed that Steve shared his gift with me and my son.  Thank you.
The level of care during the entire process was exceptional.  You listened and respected all that I said and asked.

I think when I met you at the Telus Market and we chatted for 10 minutes or so, I felt your commitment and love of what you do.  I know that anyone who has that level of commitment and love for their craftsmanship, will deliver exceptional things.

You absolutely exceeded my level of expectations.