Over the past few months we had an incredible opportunity to work with a family and create some custom watches that highlight their father. As a father myself, I am always touched seeing children beam about their fathers and can’t help but hope to experience something similar one day.

Here’s a little history on the father being honoured. He finished his medical studies in 1952 and decided to settle in the Lanaudière region. When he purchased their house he had a plaque made which remained on the front of the house until 2019, the year we had to sell this house. This is the plaque we were given to craft the family watches.

Throughout the 1950s this country doctor was a one-stop-shop for patients dealing in minor surgery, dentistry, stitches, anesthesia, childbirth, and more. While practicing medicine from 1965 to 1968 he studied psychiatry which he then practiced until 1994. To say this man was accomplished is an understatement.

Jean was our main contact throughout this process and she shipped the plaque to our offices in Lethbridge Alberta. We had quite a scare for a time because the package seemed to be lost, but once it arrived we all breathed a sigh of relief and got to work. Throughout the manufacturing we were giving Jean updates and one day we received an update from Jean: her father passed away. I didn’t know this man, but was devastated for the family losing someone so meaningful to them.

Although he wasn’t able to see the final product, I am happy his story will live on through memories that the family will share and on wrists adorned with this special piece of history.