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NOVO Partners

These are people and companies we’re proud to align ourselves with. They inspire us with their awesome products and aspiring visions and hope they do the same for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you choose your partners?

Simple. If we like what they make and they inspire us through their creativity we’re game.

Where are your partners located?

We partner with anyone anywhere as long as they hold the same values as we do.


If you don’t know we also make some of the world’s most storied timepieces. Check out some of our work:

One Of One

We 100% guaranteed that no one else will have a watch like yours.

Infused with history you can really feel.

History takes on a new meaning when you can hold it in your hand.


We all have those things that hold meaning that we can’t throw away but don’t have room for. Let us make a watch from it.

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Each timepiece is crafted to last for lifetimes and tell your story for generations. It’s a legacy built for your wrist.