The Kiridashi - 1884 Edition

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What is a Kiridashi Knife?

Kiridashi is a small traditional Japanese work knife that roughly translates to: “a pointed knife.” Just how we like our knives :).

In Japan the Kiridashi is a super versatile tool used for things from cutting paper and sharpening pencils to pruning bonsai’s and whittling wood. Also, because one side of the knife is flat it’s used in construction for marking cut-spots on boards by running the flat edge along a straight edge. Even if you don’t use pencils, whittle wood, own a bonsai tree or measure wood, there’s still so many reasons to own one! Outside of using it for anything you use a knife for it’s a beautiful piece steeped in history. After all, we wouldn’t be NOVO if we didn’t reclaim some piece of history to craft this.

This Kiridashi was made from the first rail we ever used to make our award-winning (self proclaimed) watches - the Dowlais 1884. Our incredibly talented blacksmith, Drue, owner of Pipare Forge, crafted and tested this blade to the highest of standards. Drue has been forging since 2010 and is a true craftsman with a passion for fire and working with his hands. To ensure the durability of the knife Drue spent a lot of time testing hardening processes for this railways steel and he nailed it. We couldn’t be more excited to offer this new product to our customers.

Outside of its history, the shape of this knife makes it incredibly easy to hold along with giving you some great control over the blade tip and strength. The blade fits perfectly into the palm of your hand and this one was crafted for right-hand users. If you’d like a left-handed one let us know!

Some great use cases for the Kiridashi:

  • Opening love letters

  • Breaking down Amazon boxes

  • Carving initials into wood

  • ...and basically cutting anything that needs cutting or doing things you need a knife for.


The blade is single beveled and the blade and handle are made of Dowlais 1884 reclaimed railway steel. You can see the hammer finish and as you use this knife you’ll see some patina. Not only is this knife easy to sharpen but it’s long lasting and easy to take care of. Obviously don’t get it wet without drying and every once in a while apply some oil (like ballistol oil).


  • Colour: Grey

  • Knife Length: ~6 1/4”

  • Blade Length: ~37mm

  • Blade Edge: Chisel grind, with a micro bevel. Main bevel is ground at approx 25deg

  • Blade Steel: Railway Steel

  • Blade Finish: Stonewash

  • Handle Thickness: ~6.58mm

  • Weight: ~149.60 grams


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