The R202926 - Sevrens 1945 Edition

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This NOVO watch is steeped in family heritage and holds a piece of world history right within it. Thomas Sevrens served his country in the Royal Canadian Airforce as an airplane mechanic during WWII; required to wear his official RCAF pin at all times on duty. This very pin is now featured on the face of this unique timepiece along with an important number engraved into the case. Thomas carried a RCAF certificate with him each day printed with his individual military ID number, now forever imprinted into steel. This watch ties history and family heritage together paying homage to both bravery and devotion.

Designed by NOVO watch in cooperation with Cory Boland, this one of a kind timepiece features a 17 jewel, hand engraved Swiss movement. It has passed through the hands of a skilled group of artisans who have forged, machined, engraved, hand assembled the watch, and cut and stitched the leather strap.

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