$ 3,332.00 CAD

Made in Canada

One Of A Kind

Conversation Piece

Crafted for Generations

Most watches lack soul… at NOVO we've developed a process of infusing meaningful memorabilia into a unique timepiece that will tell a story for generations.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to build a custom Jacob Bromwell watch?

Depending on the queue between 4-6 weeks

How are you better than other companies?

We’re not! We’re different. Our focus isn’t on mass producing anything. Our focus is transferring a story to our customer’s wrist or pocket.

What movement do you use for your Jacob Bromwell watches?

We use a Swiss ETA 6498-1 for our watches and do our own hand engraving.

What can I expect when I receive my watch?

An absolutely stunning timepiece that tells a story you connect to.

What do you mean “most watches lack soul”?

Mass-produced products lose the individuality and personality that hand-crafted watches exude. While mass-produced pieces are great for marking important moments in life, our hand-crafted watches infuse the actual memorabilia representing meaningful moments and bring with them character that’s impossible to replicate.

One Of One

We 100% guaranteed that no one else will have a watch like yours.

Infused with history you can really feel.

History takes on a new meaning when you can hold it in your hand.

We Would Love To Work With You!

If you have any questions about our timepieces, processes or anything else feel free to email us! I’d love to work with you.


Each timepiece is crafted to last for lifetimes and tell your story for generations. It’s a legacy built for your wrist.