Watches & Whiskey Experience

$ 549.00 CAD

Made by You

Learn New Things

Conversation Piece

A Great Experience

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the class?

Plan for 3 hours.

What movement do you use for these watches?

We’ll be working on a Seagull ST3600. It’s a reliable mechanical movement with great finishing.

What can I expect when I complete my watch?

A sense of pride and excitement about what you’ve just built!

Let’s Have Some Fun

Whether you’re new to watchmaking or are an aficionado this is a great way to learn about watches, make something with your hands and leave with a watch you can be proud of!


They say experiences are better than things. But experiences + things are better than everything! We’re passionate about what we do and can’t wait to share that with you!


Mechanical watches are a thing of beauty. Dive into how they work and put one together for a unique experience!


Watches are a great conversation piece and when it’s made by you…well that’s something! We can’t wait for you to feel the excitement we get to feel on the daily.

We Would Love To Have You!

If you have any questions about our event please reach out!